December 04, 2011

Bila isteri-isteri berpesta !

So many things to arrange, so many time has been invested and at the end I found out I've rarely spent a lot of time to myself. Yup! Too busy for being a wife, mother of three kids, daughter, sister and friend. How many of us has realise that sometime life is about other people, to cheer up somebody, to sacrifice you own happiness, sharing the love..always for others! Even you satisfied all the work done bring smile to the face of your loved ones, but deep inside you need their understanding that you're also human~need tender, loving and care too! :-)..

To find a quality time for myself is not a difficult , but being a mother and wife sometime make me feel guilty to set which priority comes first. Hubby selalu jer bagi chance outing ngan dengan kawan-kawan walaupun cuak dan panik untuk menjaga baby yang kecil. So bila ada ad hoc reunion dengan ex-officemate, saya apalagi meloncat la dengan gumbira. Yelah, jarang-jarang dapat jumpa dan paling best outing tu is a day without any interference, chaos and hectic of mommy duty , a day I'll pampered myself, a day is about me, me and me. Kira boleh la wild wild west..weee

I'm not spa lover, so to pamper myself just go for shopping, watching a movie and gossiping for the whole day ( selalu je ada BFF planning i.e. to vaca outside country,but not once have well planned..hahaha) . So below are the recent pics of us ; wasn't a perfect group, ada lagi 3 orang tak dapat join. Tapi takpe, next time kita yak-yak-yeh lagi.


with wati ; mother of two ~ still cute !

entering GSC~ Ombak Rindu..sebenarnya bukan dalam list movie must watch saya. Luckily wati push me, kalau tak sure saya menyesal.


After :
Pregger takpe cengeng, emosi selalu berkecamuk..;-)

Lunch. Gossip time

Wati and Mas

please refer previous entry : i'd told u..:-)


Survey sekolah anak

what ?? memang aku marah tengok harga dia..tapi tak beli pon ;-)

Ok, I need to stop writing. Baby dah nanges so I'm back to the routine job.. ;-) Till the next post, sayonara...


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